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Bangalore, India
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The 3 things in life that I cannot resist; Happiness, Me-Time and indulging in all my little desires. This Time I've decided to make it about YOU.

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The biggest thing to take note on is that I personally like to draw a fine line between my career and my hobby. They are both so different from one another. My job doesn't have a time schedule, working in hospitality and night life makes you realize that there is no difference between a weekend or a weekday. So I pretty much play it by when I get home. I don't take work home and disconnect from that life. So when I'm at home I love to lay back and create content which is my hobby.The reason I didn't mix both is because I didn't want to reach a point where I became frustrated and had to start setting deadlines for my hobby. Its great to have a difference between the two for me so I can focus my time and attention on different things. It's how I keep myself sane.

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