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Everything to know about Fake Lashes:

Hello all !How are we all doing ? Lately, I have been looking at a lot of beauty products and also have been surfing through many makeup videos. Do you know what I find amazing in all that beauty ? The eyes ! eyes makes everything look pretty you just put on a simple kajal and the eyes shine up. But among all the beautiful eye make-up products what I find more fascinating are the lashes. Many of us here use fake lashes, It makes your eyes pop. There is nothing else that would make us look more gorgeous. With such a beautiful Item comes the responsibility to know how to use it. It's a absolute pain to put it on and even more of an absolute pain to remove it off.So, come-on let's get into it without any more further delay- how to put on and remove a fake lash.The brand that you buy:It's very important to choose the perfect brand that you would like to buy. You would like to choose a brand that you would feel comfortable with like Huda Beauty or Ardell.Shape of the lashes:You would want to choose a perfect shape of lashes that would perfectly match with your eyes, If you have smaller eyes and your goal is to elongate, look for lashes that are thicker in the outer corner. If your eyes are wide, you would want to concentrate your lashes in the center to open your eye up. Remember, the way you choose is shape decides how your eyes look so choose a shape that would go perfectly with your eyes. Putting them on:Speaking from experience, Its exhausting to put on these lashes. It takes a huge amount of time and lots of patience. Most of us never get it easily at the first try, you face problems while putting on the adhesive, while laying it on your eyes. So, don't give up yet keep trying.Here is how you can put on your fake lashes, firstly get something to hold your lashes like a tweezers of sorts. hold it and start applying the adhesive onto the lashes and leave it on for 15-20 Sec and then lay it on your eye as close to the lash line. Make sure the false lashes are angled in the same way as your own lashes. Use mascara to blend it in.Taking off the lashes: Use a make-up remover and dab it on your lashes to soften the glue and let it slide down. easy right? Storing the lashes:Lashes can be reused many times depending on the way you store it. You would want to use a makeup remover to remove all the adhesives that are still stuck to the lashes and then store it in a plastic container to reuse it again.That's it for now guys see you again soon !Have a nice day !  

Thursday, 09 Aug | CGKORNER

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Styling Traditional Indian Jewellery.

" Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique"- Elizabeth Taylor. For me on many personal levels, jewellery is more than an ornament to jazz up your dress or a little bauble here and there to fill a void around your wrists and neck. Jewellery for me, is a statement, a keepsake, a memoir, a legacy that stays behind after you. Being a daughter of a lady, who enjoys jewellery immensely and collects it like there's no tomorrow.. the little streak of jewellery obsession has hit me home as well. My take on jewellery is that, it really must speak to you and in a very beautiful way even portray who you are. Your jewellery speaks volumes about you, either it's boho and colourful or classic and muted. Amongst these comes our very own genre of traditional Indian jewellery, which is as vast as our country ; varying from region to region and depicting styles that the world slowly gets inspired to recreate. I had, the opportunity to visit the popular "Aquamarine Jewellery" store that recently launched in Bangalore at Commercial Street. Having been in the business for quite a good chunk of time, "Aquamarine Jewellery ", will have you running in circles. They have an eye catching and heart wanting collection of such exquisite masterpieces, that there's no way that you will walk out without indulging in one from here. They have western & Indian style of jewellery. The Kundans, polkis, pearls, geometrics and what not. Here's what I loved and make sure, you give the place a visit as well. Look 1 : Pearl Studded Statement Earrings : These need no counterpart to balance their beauty. I, used these statement pearl studded earrings to compliment my outfit by tying the hijab with a simple knot on the back and letting the sides loose in the front. And if i really must, add some pizzazz i would just add a nice statement ring to carry it off. Look 2 : The Emerald Kada to up your style quotient : I, love all things green and emerald is just such a beautiful colour that this exquisite design from their collection, not only looks good on Indian outfits but is a perfect companion even to your Indo-western or western outfits. Look 3 : The Rajputana Aad cum Hyderabadi Gulubandh : This beauty reminds me of a fusion between the Aads and Gulubandhs. A total beauty to wear on any Indian outfit and if you're daring enough to break the norms go wear it on a jean and camisole. I did the turban style of Hijab for this baby because i wanted it to be the main star. Look 4: The Aad : It's a beautiful Choker with Kundan work. It just takes your breath away, the moment you hold it. I, love the aesthetic to it & it's my favourite to be honest. It immediately bestows Royalty upon you. Wore it with a side swept turban hijab. Do let me know, how you liked the jewellery styling & if this gives you inspiration to wear it on western wear as well. ___________________Aquamarine Jewellery Store, Bangalore Located at : #13, Kamaraj Road, Near Commercial Street, Diagonally opposite Mysore saree udyog.

Friday, 10 Aug | Thehijabivignettes

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Top 5 Bloggers who Inspire me..!!

Hi Everyone,To some, the Blogging community might seem like one big, mutual-admiration society. To others, it can be a very hard and judgmental place to be in. In my case though, I've been blessed to have friends within this community who have shown love, support and encouragement towards a novice like me. These ladies have their own unique style of blogging & are so good at what they do. This makes them stand out from the rest, for me. So much to learn from each one of them! Here goes -Swati & Smriti from Curios&Dreams - Smriti & Swati These beautiful & immensely talented sisters blog about Makeup, Fashion & DIY projects. They also have a knack for amazing kitchen quick-fixes for your skin, as well as your tummy. My favourite feature on their blog though is their Nail-Art series!! You have got to see it for yourself. Easily some of the prettiest manicure/nail-art posts I've seen, I tell you! What I also love are their Product-reviews.. Along with being nicely detailed, they are so easy & simple for a beginner to understand :-) I loved reading them & believe me, at one point of time, my wish-list of full of skincare & makeup that Swati & Smriti recommended! Go check out their blog right away & don't forget to see my fav - the 'Nail Art' series. Anisha, Bidisha & Satarupa from FashionandFrappes - Anisha, Bidisha & SatarupaThese 3 high-school friends live in 3 different cities now...how they multi-task & run this blog together, I don't know!! I'm amazed at the kind of quality content they churn out. Their common love for Coffee, Travel & Fashion translates into their blog beautifully. My favourite feature on their blog is the Travel section, which I highly recommend you check out! From decoding 'How to plan a Perfect Girls-Trip' complete with tickets, outfits, food & drinks, etc. to exploring some of the most beautiful & untouched locations like Peru & Bolivia, these ladies have done it all!! Anusha from The Small Town Blogger - Anusha Head over to her Instagram, like right now! Anusha's sense of fashion is so different than mine, and yet my jaw drops everytime I look at the outfits she puts together. I'm in awe of the 'Quirk-factor' in her styling & that's my favourite feature about her blog. You have to check out her 'Belt series' on Instagram, which is my absolute favourite! Anusha is really an inspiration when it comes to seamlessly combining statement pieces together & creating an Indo-Western Fusion look. She carries them off so beautifully & with such confidence that one can only wish (I mean ME!!) that one had that sense of style & individuality!! Aishwarya & Hitesh from That Trip-E-Urban Life - Aishwarya & HiteshI met Aishwarya at my first ever Blogger-Meet in Bangalore. I find Aishwarya & Hiten's blogging style to be just like them - Breezy, Fun & very Stylish! While Aishwarya blogs about a variety of topics like Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle, Hiten manages all the photography & editing. He attends events catering to men, for the blog & gives a fresh perspective to it, from a man's point of view. Together, these two make an awesome Team! Talking about one of my favourite posts on the blog, it's got to be Ash's 'Desi Rani' Halloween Makeup look. I love how she re-created that look with minimal makeup products in her kitty.. now that's creativity at its best! You must check out her latest post on a work-appropriate Winter outfit that one can put together, without compromising on style.. That Koovs skirt is beyond beautiful..!! Krupa from IshtyleAWhile - Krupa LNThose who follow me for a while, know that Krupa has been a friend & a "blogging-mentor" for me, since a long time now. Krupa & I became friends, thanks to our common love for makeup. Our makeup swaps used to be a lot of fun when we both lived in Bangalore. We've moved away to different cities now but our enthusiasm for makeup & all things related, still remains the same. Krupa blogs about Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, the works... What's more, she mentors new bloggers to learn the ropes of the blogging-world. My favourite features on her blog are her 'Sari-Styling' & 'Avatar posts'! An ace with Saris, she just puts together a whole look, complete with accessories, shoes, hair AND makeup. And in her Avatar posts, she talks about different ways to style a single piece of clothing, taking the boredom out of repeating the same piece. 'Sustainable Fashion' being the current mantra, you must check out her blog for more ideas!For me, these ladies stand out in the Indian blogging sphere. They've made a niche for themselves, simply by being who they are & doing what they love. They inspire me to be a better blogger... to multi-task, to explore more than what I already know. They make me badly want to get out of my comfort zone & try something new! Be it something as simple as trying out a new recipe in my kitchen, maybe using a new makeup product or something as enriching as travelling to see the world. Do check out their wonderful blogs & follow them all on their respective social media handles. Trust me, their simplicity, creativity & postivity, all reflect in their work. Be ready to be Inspired...!! On that note, Happy Independence Day, everyone!!!!

Wednesday, 15 Aug | TheLipztickaholicDiaries

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