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Well, on my way in setting up a blog I faced a lot of difficulties. Initially I chose Wordpress as it is the best in terms of flexibility. But then I started feeling so frustrating and helpless because I had to do so much on my own apart from creating content. Later to my rescue, I came across which is a platform for bloggers to create the blog of their dreams. Here, I just had to fill in my blog details and that was it ! All I got was a completely curated, well developed blog of my own. It couldn't have been any better for me. All my stress vanished in seconds. It's not only easier, convenient and user friendly but you also get 24x7 tech support . I just loved it!!

- Minal Patil

The Glam Nut

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For someone who has had bad experiences with other web solutions companies in the past, Winkl came as a pleasant surprise. Professional, friendly and knowledgeable are how I'd describe them. From step-by-step guidance to taking over the web design services completely, I found Winkl a boon for especially those who struggle with the intricacies of web services. Winkl takes the frustration out of the equation.

- Manjeri S

Cognac by Manjeri

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One of the things I have struggled with the most in 5 years of blogging is the blog design and SEO. Creating content is super easy in comparison with that. I am so glad I shifted to Winkl as they have really eased my life since I have shifted onto the platform. Thanks to Winkl I have seen a rise in viewership already and I am not constantly worrying about SEO. All I have to do now is work on quality content.

- Krupa Lakshminarayanan

Ishtyle Awhile

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I absolutely love the theme and the layout Winkl built for my blog. It feels super easy to work on Winkl and using all the different features etc.

- Apoorva Padiyar


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I recently shifted my blog to Winkl from Wordpress and I’m loving the experience. It’s not only easier, convenient, user friendly but they also provide 24/7 tech support. How cool is that? They’ve made my blogging life super simple!

- Pravalika Reddy

Chasing Dreams

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Loving the Winkl experience. It’s super convenient, love the amazing blog theme and I never have to worry about plugins ever again!

- Nishtha Gandhi

The Dramatic Diva

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